• Machiko's Kitchen and Yui of Fukamidori are teaming up to offer a very special Japanese dinner.
    Once again, I was able to collaborate with my favorite Berlin sake store, Sake36, and the best mochi maker in city, Fukamidori.

    Yui's passion for handmade mochi is truly amazing, and as we talked together about how we think about food, the idea for the plant based bento came to me. In my job, I am in a neutral position with regard to food. I believe that my primary mission is to provide delicious food to my customers. Meat and fish are great ingredients, but there are so many people who decide not to eat them. That decision should be respected too . So instead of categorizing the food, it is simply delicious and many people can eat it, and it is of high quality, following the Japanese cuisine. It is the theme for this project.


    It is part of Japan's long-standing catered culture to put various small seasonal plates in a box. The menu consists of simple but carefully prepared dishes that are delicious even at room temperature.


    All dishes are prepared using Japanese cooking techniques and are finely seasoned to match the taste of elegant sake.


    Also, I would like to thank the handmade, organic, and environmentally friendly tofu maker TETO, who created Yuba for this event. And thousand of thank for Stefanie Loos for great pictures.


    How about celebrating the arrival of spring with premium sake, the best mochi and a Japanese cuisine?


    Machiko Akazawa


    • Menu
    • Aubergine Shigiyaki - Shimeji mushroom, Konnyaku, Dengaku miso, millet, Sansyo pepper 茄子鴫焼
    • Pickled Turnip, Carrot, Mango 蕪とマンゴのなます
    • Burdock white miso, sesame 西洋ごぼう胡麻みそ和え
    • Hirouzu Tofu fritter in mushroom and tomato dashi 飛龍頭
    • "Spring roll" - cabbage, Asparagus, Carrot, Mitsuba japanese parsley, mustard miso ”春巻き” 芥子味噌
    • Honey tomato, Green peas, caramelized buckwheat ハニートマト、緑豆、蕎麦の実
    • Edamame Kudzu tofu ( Arrowroot starch ) 枝豆豆腐
    • Ume, Rhubarb, White wood ear ルバーブ、梅肉、白きくらげ
    • Taro, Lotus root and corn croquette タロイモ、レンコン、とうもろこしのコロッケ
    • Sakura ( cherry blossom ) rice ball with sansyo corn 桜おにぎり実山椒
    • Yuba Raw Tofu skin by TETO テトさんの生湯葉 ( Yuba is a delicatessen of creamy, soft soy milk skin. The noblest form to enjoy the fine taste of the soybean. exclusively for this bento box from TETO Soja Feinkost Berlin.)
    • White asparagus soup (surinagashi) with cherry tomato( cold ) 白アスパラのすり流し

    Allergen : Soy, sesame, wheat ( soysauce, croquette ), mustard


    Mochi ( limited special flavours for this event!)

    • Strawberry x Matcha shiroan Fresh strawberry is wrapped in matcha- shiroan paste, the fresh blight color is like celebrating the budding of new flowers and greens. (Matcha from Uji Kyoto)  いちご抹茶餡大福
    • Yomogi x kinako x chestnut x black seasame Yomogi( mugwort ) mochi wrapped in Bio chestnut and fine kinako ( roasted soy powder ) shiroan paste with black sesame. Feel and enjoy the authentic japanese taste. ヨモギ餅、きな粉餡、栗、黒胡麻

    Allergen : Soy, sesame. May contains Nuts


  • Notice & cancel policy

    • Pick up on location at Wolfkino (Weserstraße 59, 12045 Berlin Neukölln) or delivered with surcharge (7€).

    • Orders will be accepted until Friday, 6. May, 5pm. or until sold out.

    • Only Mochi or Sake order is not available.

    • Payment via Paypal only. ( you can shop without registration)

    • In case of cancellation we keep: until 5.5.Thursday 10% , Friday and Saturday 60% and on Sunday 100%.

    • For further questions please email to info@machikokitchen.com or Instagram


    • Abholung vor Ort im Wolfkino (Weserstraße 59, 12045 Berlin Neukölln) oder geliefert mit Aufpreis (7€)

    • Bestellungen werden bis Freitag, 6.5. 17 Uhr angenommen. ( oder bis das ausverkauft wird. )

    • Nur Mochis oder Sake ist nich möglich.

    • Zahlung nur per Paypal. ( ohne Registrierung können Sie einkaufen)

    • Bei Stornierung behalten wir: bis 5.5.Donnerstag 10% , Freitag und Samstag 60% und am Sonntag 100%

    • Bei weiteren Fragen bitte eine Email an info@machikokitchen.com oder Instagram


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    Catering service

    Catering for up to 50 people is available. Please feel free to ask us about decorations and presentations to suit your situation.

  • broken image

    Catering service

    Catering for up to 50 people is available. Please feel free to ask us about decorations and presentations to suit your situation.

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    Catering service

    Catering for up to 50 people is available. Please feel free to ask us about decorations and presentations to suit your situation.

  • machiko

    Das Sake- und Weinlokal mit kleinen Gerichten von Machiko.

    We do not offer catering service.

    Kollwitzstr.97 10435 Berlin

    Do, Fr, Sa 18:00 - 22:30 (kitchen close)


    Instagram: @machiko.sake.wine.bites

  • lunch im wolfkino

    Du kannst in diesen Orte unseres Essen genießen. Alles frisch und hausgemacht.

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    machiko's kitchen


    12045 Neukölln Berlin

    von Montag bis Freitag 12-16 Uhr


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  • Köchin / Geschäftsführerin

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    Machiko Akazawa

    Japanische Köchin mit Ausbildungen und Arbeiten bei traditionellen
    japanischen Restaurants in Kobe, Japan. Seit 2016 bietet sie japanisch basis Küche in Berlin an.


    Japanese chef with training and work at traditional
    Japanese restaurants in Kobe, Japan. Since 2016 she offers japan based cuisine.

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    we do not offer catering service.

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    Machiko's kitchen


    machiko sake, wine, bites

    Kontakt: info@machikokitchen.com