Small bento box for 1 Person
  • Small bento box for 1 Person
  • Small bento box for 1 Person
  • Small bento box for 1 Person

Small bento box for 1 Person

40,00 €
Contens ( More details below)

1x Small Tapas Box (for 1 Person)
1x White asparagus soup
2x Sakura rice (cherry blossom rice ball)
1x Mochi (Dessert)
Choose Strawberry x Matcha-An or Chestnut x Yomogi (Mugwort) x Kinako Soy powder
These Mochis are new creation of Yui for this project. She choice shiroan which needs so much process to make. It is very exclusive dessert.

Cutlery not includet.

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  • Aubergine Shigiyaki - Shimeji mushroom, Konnyaku, Dengaku miso, millet, Sansyo pepper 茄子鴫焼
  • Pickled Turnip, Carrot, Mango 蕪とマンゴのなます
  • Burdock white miso, sesame 西洋ごぼう胡麻みそ和え
  • Hirouzu Tofu fritter in mushroom and tomato dashi 飛龍頭
  • "Spring roll" - cabbage, Asparagus, Carrot, Mitsuba japanese parsley, mustard miso ”春巻き” 芥子味噌
  • Honey tomato, Green peas, caramelized buckwheat ハニートマト、緑豆、蕎麦の実
  • Edamame Kudzu tofu ( Arrowroot starch ) 枝豆豆腐
  • Ume, Rhubarb, White wood ear ルバーブ、梅肉、白きくらげ
  • Taro, Lotus root and corn croquette タロイモ、レンコン、とうもろこしのコロッケ
  • Sakura ( cherry blossom ) rice ball with sansyo corn 桜おにぎり実山椒
  • Yuba Raw Tofu skin by TETO テトさんの生湯葉
  • White asparagus soup (surinagashi) with cherry tomato( cold ) 白アスパラのすり流し 

Allergen : Soy, Sesame, Wheat ( soysauce, Croquette ), Mustard


  •  Strawberry x Matcha shiroan  Fresh strawberry is wrapped in matcha- shiroan paste, the fresh blight color is like celebrating the budding of new flowers and greens. (Matcha from Uji Kyoto)
  • Yomogi x kinako x chestnut x black seasame Yomogi( mugwort ) mochi wrapped in Bio chestnut and fine kinako ( roasted soy powder ) shiroan paste with black sesame. Feel and enjoy the authentic japanese taste.

Allergen : Soy, sesame. May contains Nuts