Extra Mochi Option

Extra Mochi Option

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Only one mochi is not enough for you ? Then you can order more.

These Mochis are new creation of Yui for this project. She choice shiroan which needs so much process to make. It is very exclusive dessert.

Please note that it is not allowed to order only mochi.

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Strawberry x Matcha shiroan 

Fresh strawberry is wrapped in matcha- shiroan paste, the fresh blight color is like celebrating the budding of new flowers and greens. (Matcha from Uji Kyoto)

Yomogi x kinako x chestnut x black seasame 

Yomogi( mugwort ) mochi wrapped in Bio chestnut and fine kinako ( roasted soy powder ) shiroan paste with black sesame. Feel and enjoy the authentic japanese taste.

Allergen : Soy, sesame. May contains Nuts